Meet the Maker: Mel Telfer

cape barren goose linocut

Mel Telfer: Flinders Island artist & maker

This is the first in a series of posts about the artists and makers on Flinders Island.  Please indulge me as I introduce myself as the first maker!

Tell us a little about yourself:

My partner grew up on Flinders and always wanted to come home again. When our girls were young we moved here, and it’s been fantastic for them to grow up in this incredible community. When I was a child we moved around a fair bit, which I think has contributed to my restless nature. Every few years I seem to move house, change jobs or find another way to shake up my daily life!

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Welcome to The Purple Swamphen!

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purple swamphen handmade ceramic necklace pendant flinders island

Like all of us, The Purple Swamphen continually grows & changes. The past four years have seen lots of tweaks and adjustments to the Swamphen’s look, both in store and online. This new website is a great example of that!  Massive thanks to Sammi Gowthorp at WhirldWeb for her tech help and encouragement in getting to this point.

Like most islanders, I have several jobs and roles that I need to balance, which means that everything I do needs to be streamlined and scheduled. However, my creative nature means I love spontaneity as well. I love lists and diaries, but hate social media calendars!

You may notice that there is no longer an online shop attached to the site. At this stage I simply don’t have enough hours in my day to maintain it the way I would like. I’m more than happy to chat if you see something you like on my facebook or instagram though. Just send an email via the contact form 🙂

What hasn’t changed is the Swamphen’s twin cores of supporting the island’s creative people, and providing eco-friendly products for home and body. It’s all still delivered in-store with great retro tunes, personalised service, free gift wrapping, and the chance of meeting a baby wombat.

Welcome to The Purple Swamphen 🙂

Mel x