Ceramic Pendant: Short Tailed Shearwater

Fiona Stewart

Regular price $29.95

Of all the Flinders Island creatures, the short tailed shearwater has both the most poetic and the most prosaic common names.  On the one hand, we have the moonbird.  On the other, the muttonbird.  Perhaps the palawa kani (Tasmanian Aboriginal language) name of yula will take over one day :)

This handmade ceramic pendant features a Flinders Island texture on one side, and a vintage Short Tailed Shearwater illustration on the other.  The pendant is strung on a faux suede cord which can be reknotted to shorten or lengthen your necklace.

The Short Tailed Shearwater illustration is from John Gould's The Birds of Australia (1848) and is used with permission from the National Library of Australia.

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