About Flinders Island

Flinders Island wombats

Want to know more about Flinders Island and our community?  Get your peepers onto the following links.

Our social media

The Purple Swamphen's facebook and instagram pages feature local creations, newly-arrived stock and glimpses of island life.

Flinders Island

Visit Flinders Island has lots of great info about holidaying on our island.

Island Lifestyle features gorgeous little stories about the locals and life on the island.

Flinders Council's website will help you out if you're thinking of moving to Flinders Island.  The Community Calendar page is worth a look if you're trying to schedule a holiday around our local events.

Local artists, creators & products

Maria La Grue is an amazing local artist who explores a wide variety of mediums to create unique perspectives of island life.  She runs workshops, particularly for children, and seems to bring out the artist even in those who claim they can't draw. 

Bill La Grue loves working with salvaged and found timbers to create clocks, boxes and other useful items.

Mountain Seas Retreat has a great artist-in-residence programme, and visiting artists often run workshops for local islanders.

Ocean Omegas is a local business that creates incredible skincare and lifestyle products with moonbird oil as a key ingredient.  This oil is sustainably harvested from the short-tailed shearwater, and is an incredibly rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Products include moisturisers, arthritis balms and insect repellant (which I highly recommend for keeping away mozzies, march flies and other pesky critters).

Blue Rocks Soaps are made by hand on Flinders Island, using a whole bunch of local ingredients.  Every variety smells incredible, due to the natural ingredients and pure essential oils (no synthetic perfumes!).  Last time I moved house I discovered more than a dozen cakes of soap stashed in my linen cupboard among the sheets & towels... the pillowcases smell amazing, and the silverfish seem to hate it!