The Swamphen Goes Analogue (Again)

Purple Swamphen Flinders Island beach

Well, it was amazing while it lasted (thank you, wonderful supportive people!), but the time has come to officially turn off my increasingly-neglected online store 🙁  I can’t believe how busy it’s been in-store since July! The shop move coincided with Tasmanians being encouraged to explore their own state, so it’s been wonderfully bonkers busy adjusting to a new space and chatting with lovely visitors.

Anyone who’s ever sold something online will know how long it can take to snap a photo of something, upload it, write the guff to go with it, promote it to potential buyers, then arrange to send it to the new owner. Imagine doing that for many multiples of items… most of them one-off unique treasures… well, you get the idea. I need twice as many hours in my days. I’d much rather focus on greeting people in store and chatting about our wonderful items and island.

I’m still happy to post items off Flinders: if you think I might stock that doover you’ve been looking for, do get in touch via Instagram or email (hello AT Unfortunately the complicated nature of Facebook means that Messenger is awkward and slow for me… if that’s your preferred message app then use it, but it might take a day or two for me to get back to you (compared to a couple of hours for insta or email).

Anyway, I like to think that the slower gentler nature of the in-store experience suits Flinders Island better… it certainly suits me to take a day off and head to the beach instead of feeling tied to a computer! 🙂

Mountain Biking island style!

mountain biking flinders island views
mt strzelecki flinders island
Mountain Biking Flinders Island offers a ride around the wild foothills of Mt Strzelecki.

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being a guinea pig for new island business Mountain Biking Flinders Island. We completed the Ride Strz track, which follows the southern coast of Flinders, in the shadow of Mt Strzelecki.  (Top tip: the mountain is pronounced “Strezlecki”. The name is of Polish origin 🙂

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Welcome to The Purple Swamphen!

mt strzelecki whitemark flinders island tasmania

purple swamphen handmade ceramic necklace pendant flinders island

Like all of us, The Purple Swamphen continually grows & changes. The past four years have seen lots of tweaks and adjustments to the Swamphen’s look, both in store and online. This new website is a great example of that!  Massive thanks to Sammi Gowthorp at WhirldWeb for her tech help and encouragement in getting to this point.

Like most islanders, I have several jobs and roles that I need to balance, which means that everything I do needs to be streamlined and scheduled. However, my creative nature means I love spontaneity as well. I love lists and diaries, but hate social media calendars!

You may notice that there is no longer an online shop attached to the site. At this stage I simply don’t have enough hours in my day to maintain it the way I would like. I’m more than happy to chat if you see something you like on my facebook or instagram though. Just send an email via the contact form 🙂

What hasn’t changed is the Swamphen’s twin cores of supporting the island’s creative people, and providing eco-friendly products for home and body. It’s all still delivered in-store with great retro tunes, personalised service, free gift wrapping, and the chance of meeting a baby wombat.

Welcome to The Purple Swamphen 🙂

Mel x