Selling through the Swamphen

So you’ve been dabbling for a while in your craft.  Your home is full of your creations, your friends & family have been inundated with gifts, and you still have the drive to make gorgeous whatsits.  The solution?  Expand your vision and start selling your handmade goodies.

There are several ways you can get your products to customers, but if you want to focus on the making not the marketing then it might be easiest for you to sell on consignment through a shop or gallery like the Swamphen.

Consignment =  you still own the item, and get paid by the shop / gallery when the item sells.

I’m always keen to have fresh locally-made items in the Swamphen; come in for a chat if you’re wondering whether your creation is worth selling!

At the Swamphen I believe in a fair price for the artist, while still keeping prices affordable. The Swamphen takes a relatively small % on consignment items: enough to cover rent, eftpos fees, insurance etc. I pay my makers at the end of every month, for anything that has sold that month.

A thought on pricing: don’t undersell your own brand.  If you have items in a shop or gallery, make sure the pricing is consistent with what you charge your workmates or Facebook customers. Remember that the commission the gallery earns is what pays for their admin costs and time spent connecting with customers. If you’re selling directly to your customers you need to think of paying that commission to yourself, to cover your time.