I originally posted this on Instagram & Facebook but it got such positive reactions that I thought I should include it here too. It’s very common on Flinders Island for people to have multiple roles and jobs, so I’m certainly not unusual in that regard. Small communities need the same tasks done as large ones, but there are fewer people to do them. Welcome to island life!

Well hello there!

I thought it was time I showed my face here again 😊
I’m terrible at finding time to post on social media (huge apologies to my gorgeous makers & creators who aren’t promoted nearly as much as they deserve!) but maybe this post will help explain why…
I seem to accumulate jobs like some people collect shoes. Most days I wake up and check what day it is, because that determines where & when I have to be anywhere (where am I today? Do I have to get up yet? Am I meant to already be somewhere?! 😳😄)
  • Swamphen owner Mel wearing a hi-vis shirt, standing in front of a yellow concrete truck.

Anyway, here’s me in some of my roles:

1. concrete truck driver for our business Furneaux Concrete (for which I’m also chief bookkeeper and bill payer)
2. teacher at the local school (TCE Business Studies in 2021, TCE Biology in 2022)
3. dental assistant for the visiting private dentist
4. occasional cow wrangler on our small farm. I love how placid our girls are 🐮
I also have several volunteer roles that sometimes require me to drop everything for a couple of hours or a couple of days.
Somewhere in there I also love messing about with lino printing and leatherwork, and getting out into the wilderness.
I try to keep the Swamphen as the stable point in my life (and predictable for my lovely customers), but it doesn’t always work out that way! So if sometimes you’re wondering why the shop isn’t open: this may help explain it 🙃
Welcome to island life, Mel-style 😄 there are never enough hours in my days 💚
Mel x