April 2020: It was always my intention to have part of the Swamphen online, but it took a global pandemic to finally push me down the rabbithole! It’s going to be pretty rough for a while, as I’m trying to throw products at it as fast as I can. This means I’m not overthinking the photography and the descriptions. Hopefully they’ll be upgraded once I get the online shop stocked to a decent point.

Postage days are the same as Swamphen opening days (check our instagram or facebook for updates). I’ll aim to get parcels there by 2pm to catch the afternoon mail plane.

If you’re familiar with the Swamphen nest in Whitemark, you’ll have a rough idea of the items I stock. It’s going to be impossible for me to put every item online with pics and descriptions. If you think something exists but you don’t see it here online please contact me. Chances are it’s on the shelf but not online yet.

I’m more than happy to put together packages, and to suggest items. Need something for that niece who’s turning 11? For your cousin who was supposed to be getting married? A little something for yourself? Give me your budget and some guidelines and I can help out.

Yep, it’s the same Swamphen service as always, including free gift wrapping. You’ll have to provide the soundtrack yourself, but know that I’m playing random vinyl while packing your order!

And obvs I’m obsessively washing my hands constantly, usually to Cottleston Pie.

Update July 2020: the excitement of moving the Swamphen nest next door has stalled the online shop…

I currently don’t have time to keep up with adding items, especially since so many islanders have discovered their creative streaks! This one-woman show is flat out adding new things to the shelves and greeting the in-store customers. You’re still welcome to contact me if you’re looking for something specific or would like some ideas, but unfortunately I can’t focus on the virtual store at the moment. The Flinders Island wilderness claims whatever spare time I find!

Mel x