Why “Think Global, Act Local”?

Ever since we opened way back in June 2014 (5 years ago!) the Purple Swamphen has had two goals:

  1. to support small handmade businesses by providing a local outlet to connect them with customers;
  2. to support and encourage people to create less waste (particularly plastics) to reduce our impacts locally and globally.

Just A Card and Plastic-Free July are two global movements that underpin everything we’re trying to achieve in our tiny corner of the world.

just a card

The Just A Card movement began in the UK to promote the idea that:

all purchases, no matter how small, make a big difference to small businesses.

Without independent bookstores, cafes, and handmade gift shops our towns and cities would end up looking the same everywhere! I’m not keen on a world where my only options are K-Mart, Hudsons Coffee, or Amazon. I’d rather find the little places, where the person I talk to or email has a genuine connection with the product or service.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in. If you’d like your local area to be diverse and unique make sure you shop at the businesses that make that difference.

And yes, this issue is so important to me that I’ve mentioned it in a Swamphen Tale previously 😀

Plastic Free July

Plastic-Free July is an Australian movement that encourages people to reduce the amount of waste they generate each day. By choosing just one single-use item and replacing it with a reusable version, we can reduce the rubbish in our landfill and oceans.

On Flinders Island we currently have no way of recycling plastics and cardboard. The easiest way to have an impact here is to stop using plastic bags, bottled drinks, straws and disposable coffee cups! Several local businesses sell reusable bags, travel cups, and water bottles. Most of us don’t need to use straws, so consider saying “no straw, please” next time you buy a drink. If you really prefer to use one, there are lots of reusable straw options available (yes, even on Flinders Island!).

As we approach July, consider taking the PFJ Pesky Plastics Quiz to identify one thing you can change to make a difference to our only planet!

At the end of the day, we can all make a difference to the future of our local areas and for our world as a whole.

Think Global. Act Local.

– Mel x