“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’, we’d still be open”

Have you heard of the Just A Card campaign? I hadn’t until recently, but it really resonates with me!

Just A Card was founded by Sarah Hamilton, who read the above comment from a shop owner who had recently closed doors. Sarah decided something needed to be changed, so started encouraging small purchases from local businesses and makers.

Often we visit handmade shops & market stalls, and feel awkward that we can’t afford the big things, or perhaps the items aren’t really to our tastes. A graciously simple way to give support is to buy a card!


Of course, it’s not all about cards. It’s also that fridge magnet, bar of soap, or jar of jam. The point is that small purchases add up to a rewarding day for the shop or maker!

little things add up

Here at the Swamphen I see a lot of visitors who wander through admiringly, then leave with maybe a mumbled comment about a restricted luggage allowance. I’m always happy for people to browse, chat and cuddle an orphaned wombat, but it’s sometimes a little disheartening to realise that I’ve spent 20 minutes giving island advice or wombat life cycles with not a dollar spent in return. A card purchase is a simple way to say thank you, and won’t blow the luggage allowance!

This philosophy can be extended to every independent shop you know of, whether on Flinders or in the wider world. We often think nothing of spending $30 in big chain stores buying mass-produced items, yet stop short of spending the same amount in a small shop. The reality is that it’s the small businesses who give a town or city its personality and flavour, but without support they cannot survive.

As the summer season begins, let’s all support our local businesses first, and remember that “just a card” can make all the difference 🙂

Mel x

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