Welcome to The Purple Swamphen!

purple swamphen handmade ceramic necklace pendant flinders island

Like all of us, The Purple Swamphen continually grows & changes. The past four years have seen lots of tweaks and adjustments to the Swamphen’s look, both in store and online. This new website is a great example of that!  Massive thanks to Sammi Gowthorp at WhirldWeb for her tech help and encouragement in getting to this point.

Like most islanders, I have several jobs and roles that I need to balance, which means that everything I do needs to be streamlined and scheduled. However, my creative nature means I love spontaneity as well. I love lists and diaries, but hate social media calendars!

You may notice that there is no longer an online shop attached to the site. At this stage I simply don’t have enough hours in my day to maintain it the way I would like. I’m more than happy to chat if you see something you like on my facebook or instagram though. Just send an email via the contact form 🙂

What hasn’t changed is the Swamphen’s twin cores of supporting the island’s creative people, and providing eco-friendly products for home and body. It’s all still delivered in-store with great retro tunes, personalised service, free gift wrapping, and the chance of meeting a baby wombat.

Welcome to The Purple Swamphen 🙂

Mel x